Pro Vision Medical Distributors (Pty) Ltd provides a broad range of medical products (ethical and surgical) with more than 20 local and international suppliers, specialising in the ophthalmic field. The enthusiastic and responsive sales and marketing team will work with customers to tailor solutions to their needs.


  • Ophthalmic gases
  • Silicone Oils
  • Surgical products such as cannulas, spears, plugs and corneal shields
  • Colourants/dyes
  • Cross-linking machines and consumables
  • Specialised knives, scalpels and blades
  • Intra-ocular lenses
  • Sutures
  • Ophthalmic sterile packs for theatre and office/rooms

Pro Vision Medical Distributors (Pty) Ltd supports local manufacturing of high-quality products and has embarked on a number of ventures. Local manufacturing has the benefit of fast and cost-effective delivery as well as customisation of products for the specific South African Ophthalmic professional.

Our Partners

SOOFT Italia an Italian pharmaceutical firm specialized in the research of new solutions, in carrying out and marketing of products for general or specific eyes health.


..develops, manufactures and markets a full range of innovative medical devices for posterior and anterior segment surgery.

Mani a maker of medical instruments, specialising in surgical and dental products.


..develops, manufactures and sells innovative products in the field of intraocular surgery. Oculentis’ challenge is to help people worldwide to a better vision.